Three Card Poker

Description and Objective

Min. Bet: $1, Max. Bet: $50


How to Play

A 3-Card Poker game consists of two hands that are made with three cards, one that is the player's and the other the dealer's hand. 3 Card Poker has two ways to bet and win:


1) ANTE + PLAY: To win, you must have a higher hand than the dealer.

2) PAIR PLUS: To win, you must have at least a pair or higher hand. Flushes or better receive higher payouts than 1:1.

To begin play, place a wager on the ANTE, the PAIR PLUS, or both, depending on your betting strategy. The dealer and player are dealt three cards. Dealer must have a Queen or higher to qualify. If dealer qualifies, the highest hand wins the ANTE + PLAY bet. If player has a pair or higher, the PAIR PLUS wins regardless of the dealer's hand.

Ante and Play

To PLAY your hand, a wager equal to the ANTE is required. You are wagering that your hand beats the dealer's or that the dealer will not qualify. If your hand is higher than the dealer's qualifying hand, you win both ANTE and PLAY bets, otherwise you lose both. If the dealer does not qualify, you win the ANTE bet and the PLAY pushes. If you fold, all wagers including PAIR PLUS are forfeited.

Pair Plus

If you bet on PAIR PLUS, you are wagering that you'll receive at least a pair or something higher in your hand. Any hand that is a pair or higher pays according to the Payouts Chart regardless of what the dealer's hand has. If only Pair Plus is played then the dealer hand is not played as there is no RAISE or FOLD. There is no skill requirement to this bet as it only consists on the outcome of the three cards.

Anything less than a pair does not win. If you ANTE and do not PLAY, this wager is forfeited.

Ante Bet Bonus

If you hit PLAY with a straight or higher (straight, 3 of a kind, or straight flush), the ANTE receives a bonus in accordance to the Payouts Chart, no matter of the outcome of the dealer's hand. If you place your mouse over the Payouts Chart you will get complete details on the payout scenarios for this game


Press Deal once a bet is placed and you are ready to begin the game. You are dealt three cards face up. To win, you must out-rank the dealer's hand.


Press Play if you think your hand is high enough to beat the dealer's hand or if you have a Pair Plus; which will automatically place a wager equal to your ANTE wager, play your hand against the dealer's, and (or) play your Pair Plus bet.


If after viewing your three cards, you don't like your chances of "out ranking" the dealer or don't have a Pair Plus, you can "Fold" your cards and not risk losing a PLAY wager.


Press Re-Bet to repeat your previous wager (same bet amount) and automatically deal your next hand.


The Clear Button resets the coins being wagered to 0.


The payouts chart shows the different winning combinations. Placing your mouse over the button on the bottom right will reveal the chart.

Menu / Exit

The exit button closes the game. It will not be enabled at all times, however-it will be operational when no hand is being played.

Min/Max Bet

Min bet: displays the minimum bet amount required to play a hand. Max bet: displays the maximum bet amount allowed to play a hand. These bet limits are indicated on the top right hand side of the table.


The fast-play button allows you to play 3 Card Poker in a much faster way, all that is skipped with this feature turned on is the animation of the cards being dealt. Skipping the animation will not alter the outcome of the game. You can enable or disable this option at any time.

Chip Selector

The "Chips Selector" allows you to select the chip denomination you wish to play on the table.


Displays the amount of money you currently have available in your casino account.


Paid displays the amount you were paid on your last hand assuming your hand had a winning combination.

Hand Rankings in 3 Card Poker

Hand rankings are different winning combinations in 3 Card Poker. The ranking of the hands in 3 Card Poker differs from traditional poker hands. In 3 Card Poker, a STRAIGHT beats a FLUSH. Cards are ranked from highest to lowest in the following order:

  2. FLUSH
  4. PAIR
  5. High Card

Straight Flush

A Straight Flush consists of three cards in order and of the same suit; (note that an ace can usually be counted as the lowest card in the order) for example: A, K, Q, - Highest A, 2, 3, - 2nd Highest 2, 3, 4, - Lowest

Three of a Kind

Three cards of same rank For example: A, A, A, - Highest 2, 2, 2, - Lowest


A straight consists of three cards in order, but not of the same suit. For example: A, K, Q, - Highest A, 2, 3, - 2nd Highest 2, 3, 4, - Lowest


If all three cards in a hand belong to the same suit, you have a Flush.


Two cards of same rank For example: A, A, - Highest 2, 2, - Lowest

High Card

If neither dealer nor player has a pair or better, the highest card wins. If equal, the next highest cards are matched. If all three cards are equal then player wins.