Policies & Conditions


Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, we would encourage you to call and speak with one of our Customer Service representatives

All regulations contained herein are subject to change and revision by the management of BetPlatinum without prior notice.

We reserve the right to verify all accounts in accordance with Costa Rica's Gaming Regulations or at our discretion.


1- When opening an account all clients must give their full first and last names, along with a contact telephone number; and other personal details. Accounts will not be opened unless all this information is given in full.

2- Customers of BetPlatinum are eligible to receive free bonuses and promotions from time to time, including a free bonus when signing up and for referrals. Said free bonuses, as to its amount and issuance, shall be subject to the discretion of BetPlatinum, and shall be non-transferable and non-refundable.

*10 % cash Re-load Bonus is available when sending $200 or more.

Maximum re-load bonus per account is a $500.

*Referral bonus is limited to a maximum of $500 and the minimum deposit required is $350. Referral bonus will not be valid if the customer requests a payout before meeting the bonus policy.

3- Customers may not open multiple accounts, performing such an action may trigger an audit on your account, and /or void winnings accrued by the customer. Customers may not have more than one active sportsbook account. Only one account holder is allowed per account - account sharing is prohibited.

4- It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that we have their current address on file at all times.

5- BetPlatinum will not disclose details of individual's net winnings or losses. BetPlatinum is fully licensed and authorized to operate in Costa Rica; therefore, to ensure complete legality, all wager data will be considered to be originating from and governed by the laws of Costa Rica. There is no betting tax or other taxes attributable to our customers; however those customers still need to comply with their local laws in this respect.

6- Minimum initial deposit to open an account is $50, U.S. However if you want to be part of our new sign-up bonus the minimum required is $250, U.S.

7- Client is deemed to have accepted all rules by opening an account.

8- Client must be 18 years of age or older and comply with the applicable laws in their jurisdiction with regard to placing a wager.

9- All transactions are recorded using Eastern Standard time.

10- The customer on each Internet log-on or phone call prior to wagering must verify his/her account balance. When you verify and accept your account balance you agree that all previous transactions are correct and you do not have any claims. Claims or disputes must be settled prior to making any further wagers. All phone calls to BetPlatinum will be recorded on tape. After the telephone wager is made, the respective clerk will then repeat the information back to the player, this is called a "read back". During that conversation, if the wagers are correct, the player will confirm the read back with his PIN NUMBER. Without a read back bets are not official. Read back is final.

When wagering on the Internet all players are urged to print a hard copy of their pending plays. This print out will include a ticket number for all wagers. The ticket number is binding to all parties and is the only evidence used to settle disputes. In all cases of dispute, both management and the customer agree that the tape recording or the print shall serve, as the final word in the dispute and all wagers will be adjusted accordingly.

11- Deposits made by any method of transaction will not normally be credited to an account until such time as the payment is actually received and cleared. In the case where an account is credited by the Company prior to actual receipt/clearance, and the deposit is subsequently voided or delayed by the client, then the Company will view such activity as potential fraud and deal with it accordingly.

No credit will be extended under any circumstance. Each wager submitted must be covered by sufficient funds in the clients wagering account.

Full details of all available methods, and any associated costs, for making deposits into a sports wagering account are available from the Customer Service Department upon request.

12- All winnings from accepted wagers will be credited as soon as possible to the clients betting account once an official result has been published. These amounts may be used to place further wagers or a request for withdrawal may be made.

Withdrawals will only be sent to the named account holder. All account holders must state their full name, PIN, password and security details when requesting a payout.

Any client requiring a company check must state his/her mailing address. The Company accepts no liability for loss of checks sent to this stated address. Similarly, should a client require a refund sent by bank wire, the client must provide all necessary banking details. The Company accepts no liability for loss of bank wire refunds should the account holder provide any inaccurate banking information.

Withdrawals will usually be issued the same day (seven days a week) after request. Except Western Union which must be requested between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM

13- Clients cannot transfer funds between accounts (e.g. to a friends account), except in exceptional circumstances, where agreed with the company. The Company in its discretion may require written consent by both transferor and transferee. In the event of such a transfer taking place an administration charge would be levied.

14- At the player's request He or She may terminate the agreement between BetPlatinum  and the user. If deemed necessary BetPlatinum reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the user and BetPlatinum.

15- In providing a high level of service to each client, BetPlatinum expects in return a similar level of integrity and respect from each account holder. The Company reserves the right to terminate its business relationship with a client at any time and without obligation of justifying the decision to do so (all funds in the account will be forwarded). Without limiting the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to close or restrict a client account if the client does not adhere to any rules. The Company's policy is to immediately close a client account, and take whatever further action deemed necessary.

16- If in the opinion of BetPlatinum any account holder is found to be attempting to carry out any fraudulent activities using his/her wagering account (in general, or in respect of any special promotions) then the Company reserves the right to close any such account and/or withdraw any promotional benefits accrued. The Company reserves the right to publicize the client's actions together with his/her identity, as well as to circulate this information including his/her email address to the other casinos, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies.

17- You are solely responsible for the security of your PIN and  PASSWORD. Should you inadvertently let someone else know your PIN and/or PASSWORD  you should contact BetPlatinum Customer Service immediately and change your PIN and/or PASSWORD. Customers are responsible for any unauthorized use of their account. In the event that a third party places a wager or is thought to have placed a wager, said wager shall be valid, whether or not the alleged third party had the prior consent or knowledge of the customer. Under no circumstances will any wager be cancelled for that reason. In the event that a customer suspects that a third party may have it's PASSWORD or USERNAME, the customer may at anytime ask that BetPlatinum furnish the customer with a new password and username.

18- Clients account will remain active, even without funds, until a client indicates otherwise. If a client wishes his/her account to remain open, but will not be betting through a particular season, the said account should be requested to be made inactive until such time as that client wants to start using it again.

19- Only one account shall be issued and may remain valid per person or within the same household or ip address. Multiple accounts MAY be subject to closure and any bonuses received may be rescinded.

20- All rules apply to both telephone wagering and Internet wagering except where noted. Accounts are valid for telephone and Internet wagering.